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Administrative solution for customs house brokers.

Main features

Latptop moderna
  • Application with central DB running in the cloud.

  • On-line operation.

  • Information security and daily automated backups.

  • Secure connection from the Internet.

  • Integration of documents and files associated to the DB.

  • Full management of mexican e-invoices (CFDI) within the platform. Integrated process for issuing and voiding ivoices, credit notes and payment receipts.

  • E-accounting as per request of authorities.


programación de computadoras
  • Accounting.

  • Banks.

  • Invoicing.

  • Accounts receivable.

  • Accounts payable.

  • Logistics.

  • Management reports.

  • Integration with customs entry processing software.

Applications and add-ons

Pantalla Phoen móvil
  • SATOweb, web reporting for customers.

  • SATOviews, mobile app for view and monitor operations in SATO.

  • SATOprevios, mobile app for entering waybill release and preliminary inspection, including photographs integrated with SATO.

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